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WifiTrax WFS-46 Quad Wi-Fi Universal Switch Machine Controller
Manufacturer: WifiTrax (Made in Australia)
Part Number: WFS-46 (WFS46)
Condition: New
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WFS-46 Quad Wi-Fi Universal Switch Machine Controller

You can install this module on your model railroad of any scale to operate four switch machines using our free Tower Operator App that runs on Windows 10 and Android.

This switch machine can operate all types of switch machines that we know about. These include:

3-Wire Dual-coil switch machines such as those manufactured by Peco and Atlas,
2-Wire Bipolar switch machines such as those manufactured by LGB or Kato,
Stall-motor machines such as Tortoise by Circuitron,
Other motor driven switch machines with an end switch - up to half an amp.

The switch machine connected to any one WFS-46 unit must be all either dual coil or motor driven. There is a switch on the unit to select one or the other. 2-Wire and 3-Wire coil-type switch machines may be connected to the same unit.

In-built charge pump, capacitor discharge unit doubles track voltage for dual coil switch machines

Fully compatible with DCC systems. Can use power from DCC Booster or fixed DC on track, or separate DC supply.

Input connections allow manual operation from buttons or track occupancy detector.


Length: 85mm (3.35") Width: 50mm (1.97") Maximum Height: 29mm (1.14")
Functions and Modes of Operation

Installs on your layout to provide direct Wi-Fi control of switch machines using our Tower Operator App on Android or Windows 10.

Two modes of operation Coil Mode and Motor Mode - selection applies to all outputs on unit. Coil and motor switch machines cannot be mixed on one unit.
Coil Mode

Selected by switch on unit.
Operates coil type switch machines such as Atlas, Peco, LGB, Kato etc.
Operates either 3-wire or 2-wire (bipolar) switch machines, according to connection. 2-Wire and 3-wire coil type switch machines may be mixed on unit.
Capacitor discharge unit with charge pump provides voltage up to 24 Volts in the form of a pulse.
Pulse Voltage is selectable. Nominal voltages available: 24V, 19V, 12V, 9V.
Motor Mode

Selected by switch on unit.
Operates motor type switch machines such as Tortoise by Circuitron, Cobalt by DCC Concepts, etc.
Will also operate switch machines with end switches drawing up to 0.5A.
Operates 2-wire (reversible motor) switch machines.
Voltage supplied is selectable. Nominal voltages available: 12V, 9V.
Power Supply Options

12 to 18 Volts DC independent power, wired to screw teminals on unit. This unit does not operate using AC.
Power supplied from NMRA Compatible DCC Booster may be used as alternative to DC.
Plug-in 15V mains adapter connected directly to unit - available separately.
Typical inactive current consumption: 120mA.

Four M3 mounting holes for use with screws, nuts and spacers, or suitable wood screws with spacers.

Four pairs of screw terminal outputs to connect to switch machine coils or motors.
Two ground screw terminals for common connection of 3-wire switch machines (each shared between two switch machines).
Two screw terminal connections for DC or DCC power.
+3.3 Volts and Ground common connections for use with inputs.
Eight inputs for manual switch actuation 0 - 12 Volts, protected.

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