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Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Services We Offer
Maintenance & Repairs
Favourite train just not running right anymore? We're happy to help get you back on track!
DCC Installation
Whether it's a straightforward quick-plug "DCC Ready" installation or something a little (or a lot) more complicated, we can assist with getting your locomotive(s) upgraded to DCC (or DCC with sound). We generally have a selection of 8pin and 21pin silent and sound decoders in stock, as well as speakers.
ESU LokSound Decoder Programming
If you need an ESU LokSound decoder (one you already have or one you're purchasing) programmed with the desired sound file we're happy to do that for you. Cost is $10 per decoder plus applicable taxes. We have the ESU LokProgrammer hardware and software, as well as decoder testing equipment if required. We're an authorized ESU dealer.
Cost of maintenance, repairs and installations will vary greatly depending on the parts and services required. Let us know what you need and we'll be happy discuss options with you.