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Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Services We Offer
⚠ī¸ Most of our service offerings are presently suspended. We hope to offer them again in the future when conditions allow.
Maintenance & Repairs
Prices for maintenance, repairs and installations vary greatly depending on the parts and services required. Often the cost will outweigh the value of the item, but sometimes there's sentimental value, it's hard to replace, etc, so let us know what you need and we can discuss the options with you. For basic maintenance tasks like cleaning & lubricating, replacing wheels & couplers, etc, we're always happy to offer advice and point you to resources to help you do it yourself.
DCC / Sound Installation
Like adding air conditioning or a sunroof to a car, it's usually not cost effective to add DCC or DCC/Sound to an existing locomotive, you're almost always further ahead selling what you've got and replacing it with a factory equipped version. There are of course ones where it's no longer available to purchase, was never offered factory equipped (or used outdated technology), or the specific unit has special value to you, in which case we can help you explore options for installing it. An ESU LokSound or SoundTraxx Tsunami decoder and speaker ($130+) will already be more than the price difference to purchase factory installed sound, before labour and potential installation complications are factored in.
Purchasing & Consignment Sales
If you need to sell a train collection we're happy to help. Please click here for more info on the services we offer.

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