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(Lot of 4) MV Products 173 HO/O/S Headlight Lens .173" / 4.4mm Clear (1/pkg)
Manufacturer: MV Products (Made in USA)
Part Number: 173 (516-173)
Condition: New
This item is not currently in stock. Availability status is unknown. Please feel free to enquire about ordering this product.
Last Selling Price: 🇨đŸ‡Ļ $5.40 (June 2021)
Scales/Gauges: HO / H0 (1:87), O (US) (1:48), S (1:64)
4 packages, 1 per package.

Add realistic headlights to your favorite models with this unique lens system. Each comes fully assembled, with an ultra-thin, parabolic metal mirror mounted behind a solid lens made of a hybrid polymer. This design picks up and reflects all available light for a highly realistic appearance. The lens is heat-resistant, and may be illuminated with small bulbs for more realism. Adaptable to any scale, many lenses are also available precolored red, green, amber or blue. These can be used as model railroad signals, or to detail vehicles, aircraft and other models.

Lighting the Lens Make a starter hole with a sharp tool (such as an awl) in the center of the metal backing. Use a drill size proportional to the lens and drill approximately halfway through. During power-on operation, the lamp makes the whole lens glow, with a bright center that looks like a scale bulb.

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