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Digitrax LNCMK LocoNet Cable Maker Kit
Manufacturer: Digitrax
Part Number: LNCMK (245-LNCMK)
Condition: New
Expected Price: 🇨🇦 $57.38 (Plus applicable taxes)
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Everything you need to make LocoNet Cables for your layout:

Crimper tool for cutting cables to length and attaching plugs to cable ends
LT1 LocoNet Tester for testing cables prior to installation on layout
50’LocoNet Cable-pretested and ready to use as a single long run or to be cut into smaller lentghs
20 RJ12 Plugs for making up cables or for repairing broken plugs on throttles and LocoNet cables

Additional LocoNet wiring products are also available.

We offer a variety of premade and tested cables and parts to make up custom cable lengths.

LocoNet Cable Maker Kit is a great addition to your layout tool kit!
UPC: 652667180054