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Rapido 562001-1 N NSC 73ft Centerbeam Flatcar - BC Rail Green #BCOL 730403
Manufacturer: Rapido Trains (Made in China)
Part Number: 562001-1 (606-5620011)
Condition: New
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Last Selling For: 🇨🇦 $52.25 (December 2023)
Scales/Gauges: N (1:160)
Prototype: NSC 73ft Centerbeam Flatcar
Colour: green
Railroad / Company: British Columbia Railway / BC Rail
Road/Unit Number: BCOL 730403
Knuckle Couplers
Metal Wheels
The N Scale NSC 73’ Centerbeam Flatcar features:
Two top truss configurations; early Z pattern and standard closed pattern with tie-down brackets
Two deck configurations; early with risers and mid without riser
Two underbody configurations
Multiple brake stand options
Multiple truck types
Fully detailed underbodies with brake piping and rigging
Free rolling, metal wheelsets
Multiple end cage variants

One of the most overlooked, and yet common loads carried by North American railroads is finished wood products. This is where we are proud to introduce the N Scale NSC 73’ Centerbeam Car! Over 20,000 examples of this car were produced by National Steel Car, between 1987 through the mid 2000s, with some car variations along the way.

Whenever you see a general merchandise freight pass by you, there’s a high probability that you will see at least four or more centerbeams mixed in. But have you taken notice of the roadnames/ownership of those cars? Centerbeams are unique in that they are owned by large class I railroads, leasing companies and smaller shortlines. The wood industry is that lucrative and our N Scale 73’ NSC Centerbeam is no stranger to a wide variety of roadnames!

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