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NOCH 12860 HO At the Church w/ Sound
Manufacturer: NOCH
Part Number: 12860 (528-12860)
Condition: New
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Scales/Gauges: HO / H0 (1:87)
Special Scenes for Your Model Layout!
Sound Scenes
With the Sound Scenes, you can turn your model railway into something very special. Thanks to the compact design of the electronics and loudspeakers, sound emerges where it comes from in the original. The ready-to-connect electronics can be installed, for instance, in churches or placed directly in a building next to the street musicians. You will be surprised how much more realistic a sound sounds when it occurs in the middle of the action.
The "In the Church" scene ensures even more realism on your model landscape. Among the churchgoers is a woman wearing a dark blue skirt and a light blue T-shirt and carrying a handbag. Her hands are clasped in front of her chest in prayer. Another woman is holding a white handbag in her hand and has a wine red skirt and a blouse on. A man in a black suit is doffing his grey hat as he enters the church. The other man is wearing brown trousers, a mustard yellow jacket, a white shirt and a blue tie. He leans on his brown walking stick as he goes into the church. Also included is a woman in a black skirt and white top. She is holding her black hymn book in her hands. The priest is wearing vestments in black and white as well as a violet stole and skull cap also in violet. To fit the scene, church bells are ringing.
The connection is made via a standard 16 V model railway transformer. The sound has a duration of approx. 20 seconds. The item is also suitable for AC and DC.
To connect the sound module to a power source, connect the black cable directly to one of the two light outputs on the transformer. The red cable is connected to the other light output. The sound is now continuous. If desired, however, you can make the sound switchable. A switch or control panel (not included) can be used for this purpose. Interrupt the electric circuit with this on and off switch on the red cable.
Note: the volume is not adjustable. If you find the sound too loud, you can order a resistor for retrofitting.

*** Photos may show additional scenery, structures, figures, vehicles, tools, etc which are not included. Please ask before ordering if you're unsure what's included. ***

Gauge: H0
Scale: 1:87 (H0)
Product Notices: Hand colored, Micro sound
Genus: Human
Material: Plastic
Position: moves, standing
Gender: male, female
Phase of life: Adult, Pensioners
UPC: 4007246128600

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