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NOCH 35310 N Passengers - 3d-master
Manufacturer: NOCH
Part Number: 35310 (528-35310)
Condition: New
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Scales/Gauges: N (1:160)
What could be nicer than travelling?
The “Passengers” can be placed on a train or at a bus stop or in front of a hotel they are leaving. A woman in a yellow coat is bending down to pick up her brown suitcase, as she’s about to get into a taxi and go home. The man travelling on business next to her is wearing grey suit trousers, a white shirt and a red tie. His blue jacket and hat complete his outfit. He casually keeps his right hand in his trouser pocket while he carries his briefcase with his left. The older lady with short grey hair and a purple skirt, on the other hand, has limited herself to the bare essentials and only has her bag with her. Next to her is another man, who is travelling with a briefcase and flat cap. The young couple are on a city break. While she only has her guitar on her back, he has to lug both suitcases, bags and backpacks. You can also easily imagine the two of them loading a car, e.g. a rental car, at the airport.

*** Photos may show additional scenery, structures, figures, vehicles, tools, etc which are not included. Please ask before ordering if you're unsure what's included. ***

Gauge: N
Scale: 1:160 (N)
Product Notices: 3D color
Genus: Human
Material: Plastic
Position: moves, standing
Gender: male, female
Phase of life: Adult
UPC: 4007246353101

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