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Product Details
NCE 402 (5240402) Power Cab Chip Version 1.65B
Manufacturer: NCE (Made in USA)
Part Number: 402 (524-402)
Condition: New
Expected Price: 🇨🇦 $38.65 (Plus applicable taxes)
MSRP: 🇺🇸 $32.95 (🇨🇦 $45.13) - Save $6.48 / 14%!
☑️  This item is not currently in stock, but should be available to order.
DO NOT update anything unless you are trying to solve a problem.

To check your version number press prog / esc five times to get to "Set Cmd Station" then press enter.

New features in version 1.65B:
All throttles now have up to 6 recalls
Support for 3 external throttles using cab addresses 3,4, and 5.
Support for 3 cab bus devices AIU, USB or Mini-Panels in addition to the extra throttles. Using cab address 8,9, and 10.
New thumbwheel control of CV programming values
Easy "memory" operation of the last thrown turnout
Support for Analog Fast Clocks
New, improved USB/computer commands
Programmable ‘Pro Cab™ mode’ timeout so multiple Power Cabs™ can be used together.

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