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Wiking 084911 HO 1:87 1971-73 Flatbed Lorry (Büssing BS 16 L) "Bruns"
Manufacturer: Wiking (Made in Germany)
Part Number: 084911 (781-84911)
Condition: New
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Scales/Gauges: HO / H0 (1:87)
At veterans' meetings, the Büssing BS 16 L is a real manifestation of sympathy for the former Braunschweig truck makers. All under the sign of the lion, the last large front cab-over from Büssing production is now rolling into WIKING’s selection. It was miniaturized and designed according to the classic model of Bruns, which, back then, transported the boilers for the booming oil heating systems and delivered them to the plumbing companies. Introduced in 1967, the long-distance version released in 1968 received the elevated driver's cab, which took as a model the traditional brand Roskopf, which WIKING kept updating in the product range. When the majority share of Büssing was acquired my MAN in 1971, the BS 16 L had been in series production for no more than four years. The BS 16 L epitomises - in form and technology - the late nineteen sixties - a modern classic and long-distance truck of exceptional character.

Driver's cab with white upper and lower part. Radiator grille engraving and interior with steering wheel and exterior mirror anthracite grey. Chassis with cardan shaft, exhaust, air tank as well as rear fenders and wheel rims in red. Flatbed white with silver-grey folding top. Driver’s cab imprint with silver ornamental trim, silver Büssing logo, “320 hp” notice as well as company name Gebr. Bruns and bicolour company logo. Indicators, imprinted orange. Windscreen wipers and window surrounds painted silver.
UPC: 4006190849111

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