Retailers of New and Used
Model Train Products
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Products We Sell
We sell and stock a wide variety of model trains and related items, primarily HO and N scales and some others as well. Below are some of the highlights (see further down for a more complete list), and we're always happy to special order anything we don't have in stock. Please feel free to get in touch and let us know what you're on the hunt for!
Rapido Trains
Rapido is unmatched in the industry for their quality, detail, and most importantly their customer service. We stock a selection of Rapido locomotives, freight cars and passenger coaches; Rapido Bits wheels, trucks and detail accessories; and RailCrew switch machines and remote uncoupling magnets. And we offer great deals on upcoming pre-orders!
PT Trains
PT Trains is a new manufacturer based in Portugal producing some unique models with high quality and great attention to detail. We're pleased to be the first North American dealer for their products. 20ft and 40ft shipping containers will be arriving soon.
Woodland Scenics
We have a large inventory of Woodland Scenics scenery products (ballast, trees and ground cover, static grass, rock molds), as well as hundreds of different figure sets.
Still made in the UK, Peco offers a wide range of track and scenery products. We usually have most of the Code 83 and Code 100 track and turnouts in stock, as well as the Peco Scene static grass and related products. And very competitive prices too!
We stock a variety of Atlas flex track, turnouts, tools & accessories, and HO and N scale rolling stock.
ESU LokSound
We offer a selection of ESU LokPilot DCC and LokSound sound decoders, speakers, as well as programming services.
Figures & Vehicles
We have a wide assortment of HO and N scale figures and vehicles from Woodland Scenics, Promotex/Herpa and Mini Metals. We also usually have some Preiser, Faller, Busch, Wiking, Walthers SceneMaster and others.
We also have access to many other brands either directly or through distributors to special order anything else you may require. Here's a larger list of the brands we should be able to order from:
- Detail Associates
- InterMountain Railway Company ( * See Note Below)
- JL Innovative (including Durango Press)
- Juneco Scale Models
- Peco (including Peco Scene, Setrack, Streamline, Tracksetta)
- Promotex (including Herpa, Trucks N Stuff)
- Rapido Trains (including Rapido Bits detail parts, RailCrew switch machines & remote uncouplers)
- Rix Products (including Pikestuff, Smalltown USA)
- And anything available through Walthers (Busch, CMX Products, Digitrax, Kadee, Lionel, Marklin, Oxford, Ring Engineering, Wiking, etc)
* = We've had very poor quality control and/or customer service experiences with these companies and no longer stock their products, however we can order them if you desire
And last but not least we also have a wide array of pre-owned items from a variety of manufacturers.
Browse our ever-expanding inventory, and drop us a note if you don't see what you're looking for!